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ALVES JACOB REAL ESTATE is also here to make sure you see the best available Rio de Janeiro Vacation properties, this includes some of the most desirable Copacabana apartments, Ipanema apartments, Leblon apartments and Lagoa apartments that are currently available for sell. Along side those listings you will discover tons of Rio de Janeiro Homes in ALVES JACOB REAL ESTATE. Discover real estate Apartments and a Variety of real estate Commercial and Residential. ALVES JACOB REAL ESTATE is your source for the best available real estate. Our unparalleled experience in the local real estate market will help make your apartment search successful. Our superior service and sophisticated online technology will make your real estate search simple. In addition to our vast inventory of apartments as Copacabana flats, Ipanema flats and Leblon flats, you will find we are a great resource for moving to or within the area and you will keep coming back to us for information on the City even after you have moved into your new home. The real estate search support you receive from ALVES JACOB REAL ESTATE does not end once you have chosen a neighborhood and are looking to begin your search for Real Estate. We want you to see everything we have to offer. Ready? Check out the latest apartments we are hosting today.

Why invest in Rio de Janeiro?
  • Its warm all year, increasing rental opportunities and yields.
  • Some areas in real estate have seen capital appreciation of over 20% per year even more in hotspot areas like south zone
  • Currency exceptionally favorable at the moment making it cheap for foreigners to invest / buy property, the currency over the last few years is strengthening year on year
  • Government has brought huge hope and improvement to Brazil, Inflation is at an all time low
  • Foreign investment is encouraged, you own 100% of land and property garanteed by constitution of Brazil.
  • Cost of living can be as low as 30% of the cost in the UK/United States/Europe
  • Brazil is self sufficient in Oil and is finding more and more oil fields ready for exploration.
  • Beautiful Country with fantastic scenery and beaches
  • Some economists say Brazil will be one of the future economic leaders.
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